2 Reasons You Should Hire Someone To Manage Your Swimming Pool

Do you remember the day you decided to put in your swimming pool? You probably imagined long summer afternoons basking in the sun and pool parties with your friends. Unfortunately, the realities of pool ownership can be strikingly different from your daydreams. Here are two reasons you should hire someone to manage your swimming pool, and why it will make all the difference:

1: Pool Chemistry Can Be Hard to Control

That water might have looked great for a few days after your pool was installed, but how does it look now? If you are like most pool owners, you might struggle with the ever-pressing need to check and adjust water chemistry. Unfortunately, unless you spend hours outside mulling over the numbers, it can be hard to keep your water clean and safe.  

Pool chemistry can be next to impossible to control, which is why you should consider hiring a professional to take care of it. Here are a few things a pool expert can do for you:

  • pH: The pH of your pool should be between 7.0-7.6. If your pool water's pH is too high, swimmers might have to deal with stinging eyes and irritated skin. If it is too low, your water could grow dangerous microorganisms. Fortunately, professionals can carefully monitor your pH, so that you can keep everyone comfortable.
  • Algae: Nothing is less attractive to swimmers than large chunks of green algae squirming around the edges of your pool. Unfortunately, if your chemistry is off, algae growth is a reality you will have to deal with. To rid your pool of algae, experts can clean the area and shock the water with chlorine.  
  • Cloudiness: Nobody wants to jump into water that looks dirty. If your pool is cloudy, professionals might need to treat your water with conditioner to correct calcium levels.   

Believe it or not, you can hire a professional pool cleaner to take care of your water chemistry for you on a weekly basis for as little as $75 a month. In addition to letting an expert handle the dreaded task of adjusting your water, you might spend less on chemicals.

2: Issues Aren't Always Easy to Detect

How many pools are you around on a daily basis? If you don't have any friends or family members with an in-ground pool, it can be easy to get tunnel vision regarding your own pool issues. However, a professional pool management company that services several pools can easily spot differences and detect problems. Here are a few things a professional might spot before you do, and how it can help:

  • Leaks: Is the interior of your pool flaky and jagged in some places? If your pool liner is failing, your pool might be leaking hundreds of gallons of water into the surrounding area, which can cost loads of money. In fact, an inch of water loss could mean up to 280 gallons of wasted pool water, costing you money each and every month. However, a professional can monitor water levels and help you to spot problems before they eat away at your pocketbook.
  • Filtration: Do you know how to check, maintain, and service your pool's filtration system? Most people don't give their system a second thought until their pool is noticeably dirty or they don't hear their filter pumping. However, an expert can analyze your system regularly so that you don't have to endure a dirty pool before you repair the problem.

As you interview pool maintenance professionals, ask them how they plan to help you to keep tabs on your investment. An attentive management company can watch for problems so that you don't have to deal with sudden, unplanned expenses.  

By working with a pool management company like USA Management, you will be able to enjoy a sparkling clean backyard oasis without all of the hassle.