3 Reasons You Need To Clear Out Clutter From A Hoarder’s House

Hoarding happens as a result of mental issues, but can lead to health problems and risks. It is important to provide a hoarder with psychological counseling along with help cleaning out their home while they are trying to recover. Here are three reasons home cleanup-up is important to a hoarder's health. 

Avalanche Risk

If you have ever seen inside a hoarder's home, you know the trash and personal items can reach up to the home's ceiling. A hoarder will usually create small pathways through the piles of items in their home so they can get from room to room. These piles are not stable and can be a risk to the hoarder. 

Reports in the news and stories on television show what a dangerous environment hoarding creates. There are may hoarders who have died after a wall of their belongings fell on top of them. One hoarder even died when the floor collapsed in their home. 

Besides professional counseling for the hoarder, you will need to rent one or more large dumpsters to clean up the home. Along with the rented dumpsters you will need a lot of garbage bags, and willing people to help. 

Several roll-off dumpsters are perfect for this clean-up situation because those helping to clear out the home can walk each load of items to dump in the dumpster until it is full. Then, the dumpster truck can pick up the roll-off dumpster and haul it away to the dump. You can learn more about dumpster rental options at http://www.petersonsservicecorp.com.


As a hoarder fills up their home with things, it becomes difficult to keep their home clean. Many hoarders allow spilled, rotting food, and empty food cartons to collect throughout the house. This provides a great place for mice, cockroaches, and other pests to hide and feast. When you have pests in a hoarder's home, there is a high risk for diseases.

Cockroaches carry and spread several disease-producing organisms, like E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Mice have been known to spread up to 33 kinds of bacteria, six parasitic worms, and more than seven other types of human pathogens.

Mice also carry and spread many types of diseases, including hantavirus, tularemia, and streptobacillus moniliformis. 

A hoarder can be exposed to hantavirus by breathing in particles of dried mice droppings. Their symptoms will begin flu-like, then will get progressively worse. They may have a dry cough, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. More than half the people who get this virus in their lungs will die from the lung infection.

Without the proper clean-up of the home, pest control cannot be successfully completed to get rid of the pests and their diseases. 

Mold Dangers

Mold can be dangerous in a hoarder's home, especially when there is too much clutter to clean up and repair after any water leaks in the home. Before the hoarder may even know about a water leak, they may have dangerous black mold in their home.

Black mold feeds on organic materials in a hoarder's home, releasing spores into the air. These spores are then inhaled into the hoarder's lungs and can cause respiratory issues, chronic fatigue, and persistent headaches. In severe cases with someone who has been exposed for a long time to black mold spores, they can have nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the lungs and nose.

Once you begin clean-up in a hoarder's home, you may find areas in the home that are growing black mold. It is important to have a professional mold remediation company safely remove all the mold from the home.

Home clean-up is important for a hoarder's health because trash avalanche, disease-carrying pests, and dangerous mold can all affect their health.