Ways To Enhance The Security Of Your Residental Fence

Erecting a fence around your house can enhance the safety of your property and define the land boundaries between you and your neighbors. In addition, adding security features to a brand new or existing fence can help keep intruders and stray animals out of your yard. If you need ideas on how to upgrade your fence, the following guide can provide you with a some options.

Increase The Height

If your fence is low enough for someone or a dog to jump over, you should consider increasing the height of the structure. If you have a wood or vinyl fence, you can add panels that fit atop the structure to add height. You can also add decorative trellis panels if you want to grow vines on your fence.

To increase the height of a chain link fence, you will need to install extensions posts that fit over the older posts. You attach and secure new chain link fabric to the extensions posts to make the fence higher.

However, before you invest in raising the fence height, make sure that you will not break any rules of your neighborhood association or violate municipal codes. Some towns have regulations about how high a residential fence can be. The fencing contractor you hire should also be able to provide you with up-to-date information on fence height restrictions in your town.

Adds Spikes Or Barbed Wire

You can make sure that people will not attempt to climb over your fence by adding spikes and razor wire. These sharp objects will also help keep cats, raccoons, skunks and other small animals out of your yard.

Because spikes and razor wire can be dangerous, you should find out if your town prohibits installing them on residential fences. Certain types of spikes may be illegal to install on fence panels. If it is legal in your area, hire a professional to connect the spikes or razor wire. You do not want to worry about accidentally injuring yourself during installation or having a mishap with the heavy duty power tools used to attach the devices to the fence.

Eliminate Large Openings

If you have a chain link fence with holes large enough for someone to use as a grip to climb over your fence, you should eliminate those openings. You can install additional mesh to the fence or replace old mesh altogether.

You can also purchase chain link fence slats in a variety of colors. You weave the slats in and out of the chain links diagonally or vertically and secure them with metal fasteners to the top of the fence. In addition to covering up holes, the fence slats also serve as a privacy barrier. You can also create custom designs by using two or more different colors of fence slats.

With aluminum, vinyl or wood fences, you can add additional panels to close large gaps and holes in an existing fence.

Prevent Digging And Animal Intrusions

If you have a problem with animals digging underneath your fence to enter or leave the yard, you need to cover up openings at the bottom of the fence and add additional barriers. Instead of using an electric fence and shock collars for your pets to keep them inside the yard, you can install metal grid panels along the bottom the fence.

Metal grid panels are ideal for any type of fence. Each panel has spikes along the bottom and you can use a hammer to drive them into the ground along the fence.

If you are installing a brand new fence, talk to the contractor about burying the fence at least a couple of feet below the ground to keep your dog from escaping or another animals from entering your yard.