5 Features to Look for When Ordering Topsoil

If you are completing a large landscaping project on your own, one of the main decisions you should start with will be what type of topsoil you should purchase and where you should get it. Below are a few things you should consider when looking for a topsoil supplier. 

Is it chemical-free?

Often, topsoil is treated with chemicals to prevent the growth of weeds, bacteria, and organisms. Depending on what you plan to use the topsoil for, you will likely want untreated topsoil. For example, while you may use pesticides in your yard, you will want to know exactly what chemicals are in the soil if you have children or animals in the yard. Ordering chemical free topsoil will allow you to start your project with greater control and more options. 

Companies that provide chemical free topsoil regularly turn the topsoil mechanically to prevent the growth of weeds or an infestation of pests. 

Is it appropriate for your spreading technique?

Most topsoil companies offer two types of topsoil: regular and pulverized. Regular soil has likely been turned several times, but it may still have large clumps in it. It is a cheaper option and appropriate when you have large tools such as a riding tractor with a spreading and tilling attachment. However, if you will be spreading the topsoil with hand tools such as a rake, shovel, and hand tiller, then you will want to pay extra to purchase pulverized soil. Pulverized soil has been processed and all large clumps have been removed. 

Is is appropriate for your use?

Basic topsoil is appropriate for several projects including general landscaping and building. However, if you are starting a garden or installing a living roof, you will need a blended topsoil. Most companies will offer mulch, compost, and topsoil and will blend it in the proportions that you require for your particular project. If your project requires an additional blend, such as perlite for a living roof, you may have to order the perlite separate and add it to your compost/topsoil blend on your own. 

Are the production and collection methods environmentally friendly?

Rich, living topsoil is an important part of the environment. When topsoil is collected from wild areas, it can have a negative affect in the surrounding ecosystem. Green topsoil is collected from farmland that is being developed for different usage. For example, when a building complex is being built on what was once agricultural land, the topsoil will be harvested so the construction can start on more solid ground and the nutrients in the soil are not wasted. It is important to make sure that your soil comes from a reputable dealer who practices green topsoil collection techniques. 

Do you like the delivery or loading services?

Most topsoil providers will offer loading and delivery services. This can be important if you do not have an appropriate vehicle to transport topsoil, as topsoil can be a very heavy material, especially when damp. However, it is important to note that many companies have a minimum for delivery services and you will have to collect the soil on your own if you order less than the minimum. Additionally, most delivery trucks will only deliver to a driveway or other paved area to prevent trucks from getting stuck or from destroying property. This means that you will have to transport the topsoil in your yard on your own. 

If you are unsure of which topsoil you need for your project or where to order it from, you should consider working with a contractor in your area to make sure you get the best topsoil ordered and delivered. Even if you want to complete the project on your own, a professional consultation can help you get started right.