Three Fun Painting Ideas For Your Children’s Play Room

Creating a play room in your home is a great way to give your children a place to store their toys and play, and there are lots of ways you can customize the space to make it fun and exciting. One option is to consider unique painting ideas for the room to really make it an inspiring place for your little ones to engage in pretend play and keep themselves busy. Use these interior painting ideas, along with the help of your painting contractor, to create a new look for your children's play room.

Chalkboard Wall

Give your kids a place to color and draw without leaving behind messy marker stains or piles of coloring books. Reserve one wall in the play room to serve as a giant chalkboard, and have your contractor paint the wall with chalkboard paint. You can leave the whole wall as one blank slate, or you can have the wall sectioned into different drawing areas. You might even consider having your contractor paint simple shapes on one part of the wall that can be colored in like a reusable coloring book. Have a small shelf installed on the wall to hold chalk and erasers, and let your kids get creative with their artwork.

Checkerboard Floor

If you have wood flooring, consider having the floor transformed into a giant checkerboard (which can also be used to play chess). This brings a unique look to the room while giving your kids a permanent game to play whenever they are bored. If you want to get even more creative with this idea, have your contractor section out the floor in the room and paint a checkerboard, a tic-tac-toe board, and a shuffleboard court to give your little ones lots of game play options.

Pretend-Play Walls

You can create pretend-play stations in your play room with just a bit of paint and some creativity. Section the room's walls to create different play stations, and have them each painted in a bold color. Once the paint has been applied, your contractor can create a simple mural to represent a different pretend-play scenario. Some ideas might include a rocket ship on a dark-blue background, a princess castle on a pink background, or a barn on a sky-blue background. If you want more flexibility with how you use the walls, use stick-on wall decals instead of painting murals so you can change the themes to match your children's interests.

Talk to a painting contractor from a company like Thompson Painting about your vision for the play room, and use these ideas to create a fun and exciting place for your kids to expand their creativity and get more out of playtime.