Ensure The Blades On Your Mower Work As Well As They Can

Mowers are designed to work for a very long period of time if they are properly maintained. The blades on a mower need to be replaced from time to time, but many homeowners do not know how to tell if it is time to have their mower blades replaced. Use the following guide to learn how to tell if it is time to have your mower blades replaced.

Look at the Blades Closely

The first thing you want to do is look at the blades closely. Be sure that the mower is turned off and prop it up so that you can easily see under it. Look at the blades to see if there are any nicks or dents in the blades. Use a flashlight to see if the blades are bent in any way. Blades that are bent, dented, or that have nicks will not be able to cut the grass evenly.

Look at the Path the Mower Creates When You Mow

Next, you need to mow with the mower and look at the path that is created after you mow a line in the lawn. See if the grass is cut evenly or if there are any large clumps left behind in the line that you created. If there are large clumps left in the path, it means that the blades are not mowing evenly and may need to be replaced or at least leveled.

Consider Having the Blades Sharpened

There are times when the blades of a mower simply need to be sharpened for them to work properly again. You can take the blades to any mower repair shop and they should be able to look at the blades to let you know if they can be sharpened or if they need to be replaced altogether. If the blades simply need to be sharpened, it will save you money on the overall cost.

If you do not know how to remove the blades on your own, you can take the mower to a mower repair shop, like Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc., and they can sharpen the blades if possible or replace them if needed. While the mower is in the shop, have it serviced to ensure that it works as well as it can for as long as possible. They can fill the fluids and test to make sure that everything is working well in it, while it is at the shop so that you do not have to transport it again and again.