Keeping Your Road Crews Safe: Rentals That Help

When you work in road construction, you need drivers to avoid your crews as much as possible. The best equipment you can give your crew members are orange reflective vests and hard hats, but that is no guarantee that drivers will not drive too fast and not go into work zones with their vehicles. What you need you can get from a traffic control rental company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc.

Orange Cones

Orange traffic cones are needed by the score in road construction. If you cannot afford to buy about a thousand of these, you can rent them. Just make sure you rent what you need before your typical work season gets underway or other contractors will rent all of them in a fifty-mile radius and leave you with nothing. Then you may be forced to buy them when you cannot afford them but absolutely need them. The same holds true for orange traffic barrels, but since those are used less often, you may be able to find a few here and there.

Solar Arrow/Message Boards

You want to divert traffic around a particular work zone? The solar-powered arrow and message boards can be programmed with up, left and right arrows of varying styles/types, as well as digital messages to watch for traffic up ahead, slow down for road construction, etc. Additionally, because the signs are solar-powered, you do not have to worry about running several extension cords or a generator to power the sign.

Other Barricades and Warning Lights

White barricades with orange stripes alert drivers to the fact that they need to go around an area and slow down. If you want to make sure the barricades are seen even in fog and cloudy days, rent the ones with the blinking lights. It also helps to place these several miles behind the solar arrow/message board so that drivers can begin to move over into other lanes and avoid hitting the solar message board. As they pass the message board in the other lanes, they will get the needed information they might otherwise ignore about the construction zone.

Traffic Signs

Usually you can buy the road signs you need for construction from the state department of transportation. However, you can also rent. They are the usual "slow construction zone ahead" type of signs as well as manhole warning guards. Rent the signs you need, plus a few extra in case some driver is not paying attention and takes out a sign.