4 Key Reasons Tree Stump Removal Is Important

Do you have trees on your property? If so, you might be like many other property owners who neglect to get the health of their trees assessed. This can lead to diseased or dead trees on properties. Both of these can put properties at risk for damage. Fallen trees are a common end result of trees that have diseases or die. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can tell if a tree is dead by looking at it. Sometimes trees can have intact bark, but they may be rotten inside. If a tree falls on your property or you get it cut down, a tree stump will be left behind. The following points will help you to understand why tree removal is ideal.

New Sprouts

You may think that a stump is just a remnant of a tree, but stumps can produce new sprouts that can eventually grow into new trees. The roots that are attached to stumps can also aid producing new trees. This applies even if a tree was diseased. Stump removal involves removing the stump and roots. Sometimes tree roots run deep into the ground, which can make do-it-yourself removals virtually impossible.


There are several types of pest that feast on wood. Termites and carpenter ants are two examples. By leaving a tree stump on your property, you offering these insects a habitat and feeding them. They could colonize and eventually be in search of a new habitat. This means that they might end up invading the building materials of your home or attacking healthy trees on your property.

Safety Hazard

Tree stumps are safety hazards because they can cause individuals to trip over them. You may know where tree stumps on your property are located, but others may not. If you allow your grass to grow, it could make it even harder for others to know the tree stump is there. This could result in bike accidents or other mishaps. 

Spread Disease

Diseased tree stumps can result in disease spreading to other trees on your property. If you get too many infected trees, you will likely need tree removal services for several trees. This might be a more costly endeavor than opting to have the diseased stump removed.

A tree removal service is a good resource to use to understand more reasons tree stump removals are ideal. They can also help you to understand why simply removing the stump is not enough. For example, stump removals will leave a hole behind that needs to be filled. The experts will know the correct filling procedure to ensure your property is safe and has a uniform appearance in the area the stump was once located.