3 Luxury Features To Add To Your Custom Home

One of the main benefits of having a new custom home built is that you get to personalize it and create your true dream house. Instead of inheriting someone else's taste by buying an older home, you get to start with a home that is designed to your specifications. Adding a few features that make your home feel more luxurious is a great way to customize your new home, since these features will improve your quality of life and will be easier to add during the building process than as renovations later on. Here are three luxury features to add to your custom home:

Heated Driveway

If you live in a climate with harsh, snowy winters, a heated driveway is the ultimate time-saving luxury feature. Your heated driveway will prevent snow and ice from building up on your driveway, melting it away before it has a chance to accumulate. Instead of spending hours shoveling your driveway on cold winter mornings, you can safely and comfortably walk from your home to your car and head out to work as though there was never a snow storm.


An elevator is a bit indulgent, but it can also be amazingly practical in a multi-story home. Elevators are much easier and more affordable to install during the construction phase than later on, so if having an elevator is a dream of yours this may be the perfect time. Your elevator will help you wrangle kids, groceries, suitcases, and cleaning supplies from floor to floor with total ease. If anyone in your family is elderly or has mobility limitations, adding an elevator is even more helpful.

Steam Shower

When designing the bathrooms in your custom home, consider adding a steam shower. Steam showers allow you to release warm, relaxing steam with the flick of a lever in your shower. You can even add scented essential oils, like eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender, to invigorate your senses. The resulting warm, scented steam turns your everyday shower into a luxury spa experience, leading to deep relaxation whenever you feel like it. Make sure to include a shower seat or bench so you can more fully enjoy your spa-like steam shower experience.

Adding luxury features makes your new home truly unique. By adding some of these luxury features to your new custom home, you will begin life in your new home with a new degree of comfort and style. To learn more about luxury features that can be built into your home contact a custom home builder.