Afraid Of Snakes Coming Up Your Toilet? A Video Pipe Inspection Can Help

When many people are young, they have a strange primal fear of the toilet. The fear that something will come up from that strange place and bite them is not an uncommon dread. Strangely enough, this can happen in many parts of the world! Thankfully, a video pipe inspection can help minimize the risk.

Yes, Snakes Can Come Through A Pipe!

Toilets have a variety of twisting pipes that are designed to keep animals and other invaders from swimming through them. However, people who live in areas that are heavily populated by snakes often find these critters floating in a toilet bowl with no explanation. How does this happen? There are several theories, but the most likely explanation is that they swam up through the pipe.

Many studies have shown that animals like rats can wiggle up through the tight and twisted pipes underneath of a toilet. The same is true of snakes, especially as they can hold their breath longer than a rat. This skin-crawling situation is one that homeowners everywhere likely want to avoid as much as possible.

There are a few different ways that this problem can be averted. Many people will install special items on their pipes to keep snakes out. While this is a useful step, video camera inspections are also a great idea.

How It Can Be Avoided

The first step that should be taken to avoid this problem is to get a special anti-snake item installed on the toilet pipes. These items let water flow through the pan without letting in snakes or other animals. They are especially useful during seasons with heavy ran, as they keep floods from becoming a serious problem.

Then, homeowners should get a video sewer inspection performed to catch any snakes that may have been in the pipes before the barrier was installed. There are many benefits to this process. First of all, it can give homeowners an insight into the invasive potential of a disgusting snake. It also works to spot any leaks or breaks in the pipe that could potentially allow snakes and other animals in their pipes.

With this simple and usually inexpensive procedure, homeowners get an insight into the quality and build of their pipes. Beyond finding and assessing a snake invader, they can also be used to spot serious plumbing problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. For example, it can spot pipe flaking that could cause detritus in water.

As a result, those who live in areas heavily populated by snakes, lizards, and other gross creatures should get a video pipe inspection performed at least once. Those who are particularly worried about this danger should consider getting one done even more often.