Five Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing To Guests

You may have certain friends that you always banter back and forth about visiting. You know you have a couch at their home and they have a guest room at yours. But if you're really serious about capitalizing on some of those invites, you might want to check out these ways to make your home more appealing to visitors.

Have a Specialty Feature

When you give that pitch for someone to come and visit you, it really helps to have that one feature in your home that you can really entice people with. A nice fireplace or grill can be a good talking point, as can a jacuzzi or a ping pong table. Think about something that your guests may not have in their own home that would make a visit more attractive.

Update Your Finishes and Exterior

When you want to show off your home to family and friends, what are the pictures you're most likely to send? Kitchen and living room finishes will probably show up strongly, as will your landscape and exterior choices. A brick restoration or a refinish of your living room floor is, therefore, a great use of resources.

Fully Finish Your Guest Room

Your guest room is probably not as great as your master bedroom or even your kids' rooms. You can take some time to improve it by actually trying to sleep there for a week. You will probably start to note down some things that can be improved, whether it's getting a new comforter or checking on the HVAC system to provide more heat for your guest room.

Make Sitting Rooms Fit to Accommodate Guests

No one likes to feel like they've got nowhere to sit in someone else's home, especially if they are staying with a friend for a few days or more. So consider having additional, comfortable chairs for guests to sit in and an area of the home that they can call their own for catching up on emails or simply lounging around.

Make Better Use of Your Space

Finally, consider how your space would accommodate additional people. You might want to think about how you use outdoor space; a lighted deck is an additional space for guests that can give everyone a bit of elbow room. Also think about how much space is allowed for storage or knick-knacks compared to open space that would accommodate more people in the house. 

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