3 Choices That Synthetic Roofing Materials Give Your Home

When you get ready to have a new roof installed on your home, there are many choices of materials. Common asphalt shingles are no longer the only choice that you have. Today, there are also a range of synthetic roofing materials that are affordable and can give your home the look of more expensive premium materials like slate and tile. Here are some of the options that you may want to consider for synthetic roofing materials on your home:

1. Synthetic Slate Materials for The Look of Stone at A Lower Cost

Synthetic slate is a great material to consider for replacing old shingles. Synthetic slate has many benefits, such as the fact that it is much more affordable than real stone. This synthetic roofing material also weighs less than real stone, which means that it is an ideal solution for use with conventional light wood framing that is common with residential homes in North America. In addition, you can use synthetic slate on both new and existing homes.

2. Different Options for The Look of Shakes Without the Headaches of Wood

Wood shakes are a good roofing material, but require upkeep and are not ideal for every region. Just because real wood is not ideal for your home does not mean that you cannot have the look of wood roofing. Today, synthetic shake materials are available that will give your home the look of shakes and will not need the care that wood materials require. Synthetic shakes can also be used in areas where the use of wood roofing products has been banned due to fire hazards.

3. Synthetic Shingles That Are Used as An Alternative to Conventional Asphalt

There are also synthetic composite shingles that are made of alternative materials such as recycled plastics and rubber. These materials are like the conventional asphalt shingles but are a green solution that is very affordable. The synthetic composite shingles are also available in a range of different colors and styles to give your home the look you want. If you are looking for something other than asphalt shingles, consider using green composite shingles that are made from recycled waste. These materials can cost less than conventional shingles and last just as long.

These are some of the choices that you may want to consider for synthetic roofing materials on your home. Contact a construction supplies service like Wylaco Supply Company and talk with them about some of these materials for your new roof.