Natural Vs. Composite Wood Windows

One of the best improvement projects is to install new windows. Window insulation is going to completely overhaul the style and functionality of your property. There are a number of great materials to choose from. Natural and composite woods are both popular choices. This article compares the two and explains why you should consider composite wood windows.

Wooden Windows With Synthetic Frames

Old wooden windows consisted of sashes and frames that were 100% wood. However, modern wooden windows usually have a metal or vinyl frame. The frame is covered (or clad) with the visible wood. This means that you have a window fixture that slides much more easily than one that is made out of only wood. However, having exposed wood, especially on the outside of your window frame is still going to require some maintenance.

Many people don't want to deal with any maintenance at all, so real wood is not the best choice. Others like wood because they can repaint or stain it for a fresh new finish on their windows.

Composite Wood Windows

However, if you are opposed to any sort of maintenance, but you want the look of real wood, you should consider composite wood products. A composite wood product will usually have a metal frame. The difference is, the wooden cladding is made out of composites. This consists of a wood core that is made up of ground-up wood shavings that are basically glued together using lightweight and waterproof epoxy. 

The visible layer is usually a laminated, printed finish. It is not natural wood grains that you see. Some people are understandably skeptical of installing a product with a printed finish. Most people can easily tell that it is a print, and not real wood. That being said, the technologies have advanced, and printed finishes look more convincing than ever. This is especially true when you consider how a printed finish will look on the exterior of your frame. That is, most people never get that close to the outside of your windows, so the wood might look very convincing from further away.

If you are dead set on the look of wooden windows, you should think about the key maintenance differences between real and composite wood. Both products can give you the look you are going for, but composite is going to be cheaper and easier to take care of in the long run. To learn more about your options, contact services such as Hareld Glass.