Jobs Better Left To A Construction Company When Renovating An Old House

If you're thinking about buying an old house to fix up yourself so you can move into a new home for the most affordable cost, then you'll want to know what work you can do and when you need to hire a construction company. Hiring a contractor is necessary sometimes for your safety and to comply with local codes. Some projects will require a permit and the work to be done by a licensed contractor or you could be fined. Start by talking to your local codes office about the work you can do on your own and then consider hiring a construction company for these jobs that are dangerous or difficult.

Knocking Out A Load-Bearing Wall

Taking out a wall may be high on your list of priorities so you can enlarge a kitchen or master bedroom. However, you can't just knock out any wall without taking care to add structural support. Demolishing a wall isn't particularly difficult, but it can be very dangerous. If you don't know if a wall is load-bearing or not, then it's best to call in a construction professional to at least confirm if it is safe to tear down the wall.

For the most safety, it's best to let the construction company tear out the wall too since there could be electrical wiring and plumbing to deal with. There will probably be plenty of other demolition you can do yourself such as tearing out cabinets.

Removing Lead Or Asbestos

Before you start renovating an old home, you'll want to have it checked for hazardous materials. There's a good chance it has lead or asbestos somewhere and if it is located in the area you want to demolish, then you'll need to let a professional do the job. Removing lead and asbestos is dangerous. Safety equipment must be used and the materials must be disposed of properly.

Working With Electricity Or Plumbing

Most electrical work should be done by a contractor so you can avoid an unsafe situation in your home. All electrical work must be done to local codes. This keeps your home safe and keeps you from being electrocuted. You might be able to do some plumbing work on your own such as installing a new toilet or bathroom sink, but putting new pipes in your home requires a professional and hiring a contractor may even be mandatory to stay in compliance with local codes.

Putting On A New Roof

You might be able to put a roof on your home yourself if you have the knowledge and skills, but you have to decide if it is worth the risk if you don't do the job right. If your roof leaks, a lot of water damage could occur before you notice it. Putting on a new roof will probably require a permit and inspection as well. This means you'll have to be meticulous about the way you install it to comply with building codes. When you undertake a construction project that requires a permit, that could be a signal that it's best to hire a contractor due to the complexity of the task or because you could be injured.

Even though you'll need to work with a construction company to complete part of the renovations on your home, there are still many things you can do yourself from putting in a concrete patio to hanging new cabinets. You'll have plenty of opportunities to use your DIY skills so there is no need to risk your safety by doing jobs better left to a professional, like one from Grantham Construction Co Inc.