How To Tell When You Should Resurface Your Parking Lot

Maintaining the pavement in your parking lot is essential when it comes to the safety and aesthetic of your company. A well-groomed parking lot lets customers know that you take pride in your work. Resurfacing a parking lot can help eliminate safety hazards that might put your company at financial risk of being sued.

Resurfacing your parking lot can be a costly endeavor, so knowing when to invest in parking lot paving services can help you better manage your parking lot in the future.

Check for erosion.

When assessing the condition of your parking lot, you should check for signs of erosion. Asphalt can begin to deteriorate over time, and the surface of your parking lot will show signs of erosion when this deterioration occurs.

Potholes can be a significant sign of erosion. You should also check for evidence of the asphalt in your parking lot breaking up around the edges of the lot. Resurfacing can be a great way to prevent further erosion and establish a structurally sound parking surface.

Check for cracks.

Another sign that can indicate it's time to invest in resurfacing services for your company's parking lot is the appearance of cracking. As the outdoor temperature rises and falls, your asphalt pavement expands and contracts.

Over time, this expansion and contraction can compromise the structural stability of the asphalt itself. Block cracks will start to appear in the surface of the asphalt. Covering the old pavement with a fresh coat of asphalt will help restore your parking lot's form and function and prevent additional cracks from affecting your parking area.

Check for pooling water.

Water can cause significant damage to your asphalt, especially as the asphalt begins to age. Proper drainage helps to keep the surface of your parking lot in good condition. Any water that is allowed to sit on the surface of your pavement could seep into the porous asphalt.

Freezing water particles can expand, resulting in significant cracking that will mar the appearance of your parking lot and lead to structural failure. Pooling water is a sign that your parking lot's drainage has been compromised. Resurfacing the parking lot can help restore proper drainage and provide the protection your asphalt needs against water damage.

Investing in resurfacing services for your parking lot can create a beautiful and safe parking area for your customers and employees. Look for evidence of erosion, cracking, or pooling water to determine when it's time to have your parking lot resurfaced.