Don’t Get Left Without Water: How To Prepare Your Well For The Coming Winter

Winter is going to be here soon,which means you need to start getting your home ready for the weather change. If you have a well on your property, you'll need to add it to your list of things that need to be taken care of. During the summer, you don't need to give too much thought to your well. However, the winter is a different story altogether. The cold winter weather can stop your well in its tracks, which is going to leave you without water for a while. To make sure that doesn't happen this winter, here are some steps you need to take right away.

Insulate the Pipes

When it comes to your well, most of the pipes are safely underground, which ensures their own natural insulation against the freezing temperatures. However, a few of the pipes are located above-ground, and even in the walls of your home. Those are the pipes you'll need to worry about this winter. The last thing you want to be dealing with this winter is a broken water pipe from your well. To make sure that doesn't happen, you'll need to insulate all your exposed well pipes.

Secure the Well Hole

If you're expecting a lot of rain or snow this winter, you'll need to make sure that the well hole is secure. The well pump is housed inside the well hole. If water or rain gets inside the well hole, your pump could stop working. If that happens, you'll be trekking out there to make repairs in the wet, freezing weather. Avoid that problem by cleaning the well hole and then securing the lid before winter arrives.

Bring in a Backup Power Supply

You never know when a winter storm is going to knock out power to your home. Unfortunately, if the power goes out to your home, it's going to go out to your well too. Once that happens, you're pump is going to be inoperable until the power comes back on, which could be up to several hours. To make sure your family isn't without water every time the power goes out this winter, invest in a small portable generator. Not only will the generator power your pump during power outages, it will also power some of the more important appliances in your home, such as the refrigerator, a few lights, and a space heater to keep you warm.

Have Your Well Serviced

It's going to be a long winter. Make sure your well is ready to keep you supplied with water by having one last service call before the weather turns cold. That pre-winter service call will catch issues that could cause problems this winter. Not only that but it will give you an opportunity to have your water tested before winter arrives.

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