Waterproofing Your Basement To Create More Usable Space In Your Home

A lot of homes are built with full basements under them, but there are some that are not really usable because of water that seeps into the basement. Over time, the water will damage the concrete and can cause mold and mildew to grow in the space. The square footage of the basement might be substantial but if it is not usable, it might as well not be there. But don't worry, there are ways to deal with the water and create a usable space in your basement.

Determining The Extent Of The Problem

The first thing you need to do is to find where the water is coming in at so you can determine just how bad the problem is. If you can see where the water is coming from, it is easier to determine what needs to be done. If there is a crack in the foundation that is letting the water in, you have a bigger problem because the foundation will need to be repaired. Sealing the basement walls will not be enough and over time the crack will get worse, allowing the home to settle unevenly, causing damage to the structure. If you can't see where the water is coming in, you can have a waterproofing contractor come and look for you. They will inspect the basement and determine where the problem is for you.

Dealing With The Water

Once the source of the water has been determined, the waterproofing contractor will have to determine the best solution. If the foundation is damaged, that will need to be repaired before any waterproofing is done and in you will need to hire a company that repairs foundations to do the work. Depending on the amount of water coming in, the contractor may suggest several ways to fix the problem. The most effective is to dig a trench around the foundation and coat the outer walls with sealant to stop the water from coming in. this is also a good time to add drainage around the home so any water that does get into the ground near your foundation is moved away from the home.

Other Things To Consider

Once the basement waterproofing is complete, you may want to look at what else you can do to minimize the water near the foundation. If you do not have rain gutters on your home, the water running off the roof is hitting the ground just inches from your foundation walls and will seep into the soil. Putting up gutters with downspouts will help. Run the water from the downspout into a drain if you can so it is carried away from the home. All of these things will work together so you can take back that space in your home and make it usable again.