Understanding The Fundamentals And Importance Of Waterproofing Your Foundation

Since the basement is a dark, often neglected place, it is a prime location for mold and mildew growth when there's any moisture present. It's a well known fact that mold and mildew can be hazardous to your health, so the more you can do to prevent it, the better. If you have started to notice any moisture in the basement, or if you smell a musty odor down there, that's a key sign that you need some moisture abatement. Here are a few things you need to know when you're considering basement waterproofing.

Make Sure It Is Effective

If you are looking for a quick solution, you may decide to opt for an interior waterproofing paint or sealer that you can apply yourself. Unfortunately, waterproofing methods like this are not always the most effective means of protecting your basement. If you don't get the coating thick enough, or if you choose an inferior product, you'll still deal with leak issues.

In addition, interior waterproofing of any kind still leaves most of your foundation at risk for moisture damage, even if it can't get into the house. In those cases, the water seeping into the outer wall sections can weaken the foundation and cause it to crumble. When there's water in the foundation walls and the temperature drops below freezing, this can cause expansion and further structural damage.

Avoid this by opting for an exterior waterproofing option. Exterior waterproofing is more effective because it creates a barrier outside, so water and moisture cannot even reach the foundation at all. That eliminates structural damage risks as well as persistent leak issues.

Consider The Disruption

You may think that interior waterproofing is sufficient for what you need, but remember that any time you're doing something inside, it's going to disrupt your home. Be sure that you can accommodate that disruption. For example, if you have pets, having people in the house can be a source of anxiety. Instead, opt for exterior waterproofing to minimize your disruption.

You should also be prepared for the effect on your landscaping if you choose exterior waterproofing. If the company needs to dig around your foundation, you'll want to plan for your landscaping contractor to come out afterward to restore the appearance of your property.

Understanding the importance of waterproofing your foundation, and knowing what you should think about when you're having the work done, will help you to protect your home and belongings from any water damage or mold issues.