3 Reasons Why Your Swimming Pool Needs Regular Professional Inspections

Are you a relatively new owner of a swimming pool? Do you want to make sure that it's ready for the summer months? Having a swimming pool on your own property is great but it can be a lot more work than you may have initially been led to believe. Aside from the regular addition of various pool chemicals, you need to have your whole pool inspected on an annual basis. If you didn't have this inspection performed in the autumn or you didn't own the property at the time and aren't sure if it was done, now is a good time to do it. Some reasons for this include:

Halt cracking: A swimming pool that has water in it is extremely heavy. In spite of the installer's best efforts, a swimming pool will sometimes settle unevenly in the years after installation. This is something that can cause cracking if not dealt with promptly. Although fixing these types of cracks can be on the expensive side, a swimming pool repair is ultimately going to be less costly than ripping out the entire pool to install a new one in its place. The sooner you have these cracks dealt with, the less you'll wind up spending on the repairs.

Surface repair: Pool chemicals can be pretty harsh. They need to be in order to keep the water sanitary and safe for swimming. But what this means is that they can also be strong enough to eat through your pool's surface coat. This can give your pool a mottled or pitted surface appearance that can be unsightly in addition to simply being damage to your pool interior. You can simply have the pool resurfaced or you can choose for this swimming pool repair to consist of installing a more aesthetically pleasing and often more budget-friendly vinyl liner. 

Stop leaks: Swimming pools will sometimes develop cracks or very small holes not due to any serious settling but just because. When these cracks are below the water line, it's important to get a swimming pool repair expert out as soon as possible to take care of the issue. A small crack may only allow a few gallons a day to seep into the surrounding soil but this can quickly pick up speed. Assuming you have a pool that automatically refills itself, you could be looking at losing thousands of gallons every week. At this rate, you're in serious danger of having the whole pool undermined as the soil gets carried or pushed away by the water. If not stopped and fixed, the damage could be severe enough that you'll no longer be able to use the pool at all.

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