Three Reasons Why Tile Roofing Is Ideal In Arizona

Residential roofing in Arizona seems to have one commonality; tile. You may see lots of other residential roofs with shingle and shaker tile, but there appears to be a lot of tile roofs here. It is actually neither accidental nor coincidental. Tile roof is excellent for the climate in this state, and here are three reasons why this roofing material is ideal in Arizona. 

It Looks Befitting of the History of the Region

A lot of terra-cotta tile was originally made in the Southwest. It was frequently used by both Hispanic and Southwestern Native American cultures to cover their homes. More settlers of other European nationalities adopted these roofing tiles because the tiles were easy to make and bake in the hot Arizona sun. The iconic tiles have become symbolic of the Southwest, which is why so many houses here still have them and new construction requests them. 

It Doubles as Its Own Insulation

The clay earth of the Southwestern states is used to make these roofing tiles because the clay, when dry, doubles as its own insulation. It prevents cool air in the homes from escaping and it prevents the heat of the day from seeping into the attics of houses and causing them to feel really hot. The clay tiles absorb a lot of heat, even from the sun in cooler days, such that the heat does not get past the tiles. (You would not want to step out barefoot onto these tiles midday, that is for sure!)

It Does an Amazing Job of Ridding a Roof of Water

With the exception of drought years, the few rainy days Arizona does get tend to be a little heavy. The terra-cotta tiles act as channels, collecting the rainwater and sending far down the roof toward the gutters. Some people take advantage of how their tile roofs work by placing rain collection barrels at the corners of their houses and in places where the rain seems to pour off the roof the heaviest.

You can use the collected rain to water plants and grass during the drought seasons and the really dry periods of the year. It also helps when there are water bans in effect, and your yard is looking quite brown and sad. You get all of that just by installing a tile roof on your residence in Arizona. Contact your residential roofing company today to get started.