The House Is Hot Upstairs But Cold Downstairs: Is Something Wrong With The Heater?

When you turn on your heating device, such as a heater, HVAC or furnace, you expect it to heat your home evenly. However, when you come home from work or when you head to bed for the night, you may notice that your home is hot upstairs, but cold downstairs. It is important to note that heat does rise, so upstairs may be a little warmer, but your downstairs should not be cold. Here is what you need to know about this scenario. 

Have Your Heating Unit Inspected and Serviced

If you notice the upstairs of your home is much hotter than the downstairs while running your heating unit, you may want to have your heating unit inspected and serviced. Having a dirty air filter or other issues can cause the unit to heat unevenly. A professional heating service and repair company can take a look at your unit and service it, helping to ensure that the unit is running efficiently and properly. 

Get Your Air Ducts Checked

Another reason why upstairs may be hotter than downstairs is that there is a leak or blockage in your air ducts. If you have a blockage or leak in your air ducts, air may not be able to flow through the ducts as they should. This can prevent hot air from reaching the vents or registers in a certain part of your home. Cleaning the ducts to remove blockages and repairing or replacing ducts with holes can help your home heat consistently. 

Check the Insulation and Windows in Your Home

Another reason why your home may be hot upstairs and cold downstairs is that you may have poor insulation or your windows may not be efficient in parts of your home. You should call in a contractor to inspect your downstairs insulation and/or windows for signs that either are failing and may need to be replaced. 

Consider a Zoned Heating System

If you have done all of the above and there are no problems, you may want to consider a zoned heating system. If you have a large home or if hot air seems to rise fast in your home, a zoned heating system may solve the problem. With a zoned heating system, you can run the heater only in certain zones. For example, running the heater only downstairs, instead of both the upstairs and downstairs, may help to keep the house heated more consistently. 

If your home is cold downstairs while being hot upstairs when you run your heating appliance, something may be wrong. A heating service can take a look at your unit and your ductwork to help determine if there is a problem that is causing this issue. If they determine that that is the cause, they can make any needed repairs to help your unit run efficiently and consistently heat your home. 

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