Why Roof Repairs Need To Be Done ASAP

Roof repair work isn't always the cheapest thing to deal with, imposing upfront costs that can potentially go into the thousands of dollars. Repair work is an important step in protecting the investment you have in your house, and it's good to understand why you should have a roofing company handle the job.

Damage Goes From the Top Down

The biggest fear with any roofing problem is that damage to the roof is going to encourage water to get into other parts of the house. A shingle comes loose, and then that lets water get into the structure. Eventually, that water will find its way down through the walls. Given enough time, the water can even make its way into the foundation, causing a potentially catastrophic failure of the whole structure.

If you're lucky, this sort of damage becomes quickly evident. You might see staining in the ceilings or walls of rooms on the second floor of your place. If you're unlucky, you may not know what's going on until a crack forms in the foundation.

Compromises the Roof Itself

Even if the damage appears to be contained to the roof, that can be problematic enough. Moisture can get into the supporting structure of the roof. While felt is often used to provide a barrier between roofing materials and the underlying decking, you should always assume that water will find a way through. The felt can wear out or tear up with subsequent events, such as storms.

Given enough time, the damage will spread through the roof. Water will seep into the decking, causing it to warp. If it warps downward, a common problem because gravity pulls warped decking down, this can create a spot where puddles form. As the damage continues to spread, it can eventually get into the tresses and even into the support beams.

Always Assume the Worst

Suppose a big windstorm blew through last night. You should always go outside when the weather cleans up and the sun is out to see what has happened to the roof. You might only see a single loose shingle and assume the damage can't be that bad. Water, however, has a tricky way of finding seams underneath shingles. A nail might have pulled up with the shingle, providing a path into the roof. Even if the damage seems minimal, you should assume the worst and have a professional check things out.

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