DIY Waterproofing: Learn Why It’s Not The Most Effective Option For You

If you find water all over your basement floor, ceiling, or walls, you might decide to waterproof the room yourself to save time and/or money. But before you gather your DIY supplies and work on your basement yourself, ask for help instead. There could be many reasons why your basement is wet. If you don't have the information or tools to investigate all these things, you could make the problem in your basement worse. Learn more below.

Where Does the Water Actually Come From?

Water can enter your basement in many different ways, including from the outside of your home. The water from a sprinkler system or a gutter system or even the rain can build up or collect around your basement over time. If your soil doesn't release or drain the water within a reasonable time period, water can eventually end up inside your basement.

The structures and appliances inside your basement, such as your clothes dryer, plumbing system, and water heater, can also allow water to spill into the room. The structures can deteriorate with age and leak water over time.

These are only a few things that can cause water to show up in your basement. It may take you a while to find and fix every possible reason for your wet basement. If you reach out to a basement waterproofing company for help, you can make the work easier for you.

What Detection and Waterproofing Methods Will a Contractor Use?

In order to find the cause for your wet basement, a contracting company may inspect multiple places inside and outside your home. A company may use handheld devices called moisture meters to help them during the inspection. Moisture meters can detect signs of water in cement, wood, soil, and other substances quickly and efficiently. Some meters can also determine how much water a structure contains inside it. 

Once the tests above reveal the culprits behind the water inside your basement, a waterproofing company will take action. One of the things such a company may do is waterproof your basement and/or the terrain surrounding it. A contractor may install an interior drainage system inside the basement's flooring or cover the exterior walls of your basement with a protective membrane. If there are problems outside and inside your basement, a contracting company may use a combination of treatments to waterproof the space.

If you need to waterproof your basement, contact a company like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc for details today.