New Homeowners & Landlords—Don’t Forget to Clean Your Gutters in the Fall

If you're a new homeowner or landlord, you may wonder when you should clean out your gutters and how. Your concerns are very valid. If you don't clean your gutters at the right time or in the right way, they can clog up and potentially lead to many costly roofing, siding, and foundation repairs. This guide offers tips on the best times to clean your gutters. Why Should You Clean Your Gutters? Read More 

Five Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing To Guests

You may have certain friends that you always banter back and forth about visiting. You know you have a couch at their home and they have a guest room at yours. But if you're really serious about capitalizing on some of those invites, you might want to check out these ways to make your home more appealing to visitors. Have a Specialty Feature When you give that pitch for someone to come and visit you, it really helps to have that one feature in your home that you can really entice people with. Read More 

Afraid Of Snakes Coming Up Your Toilet? A Video Pipe Inspection Can Help

When many people are young, they have a strange primal fear of the toilet. The fear that something will come up from that strange place and bite them is not an uncommon dread. Strangely enough, this can happen in many parts of the world! Thankfully, a video pipe inspection can help minimize the risk. Yes, Snakes Can Come Through A Pipe! Toilets have a variety of twisting pipes that are designed to keep animals and other invaders from swimming through them. Read More 

3 Signs That Your Company’s Automatic Doors Need Repair

If you are like many business owners, you might take your automatic doors for granted. If they stop working as they are supposed to, however, you might find yourself with a problem on your hands. Fortunately, there are companies out there that can make repairs to your automatic doors as needed. These are a few signs that your automatic doors might need repair. 1. They Don't Open and Close Like They Are Supposed To Read More 

3 Luxury Features To Add To Your Custom Home

One of the main benefits of having a new custom home built is that you get to personalize it and create your true dream house. Instead of inheriting someone else's taste by buying an older home, you get to start with a home that is designed to your specifications. Adding a few features that make your home feel more luxurious is a great way to customize your new home, since these features will improve your quality of life and will be easier to add during the building process than as renovations later on. Read More