Quieten Your Garage Door Opener With Sound-Dampening Pads

Electric garage door openers are much more than a convenience; in many cases, they are essential for homeowners who need assistance with opening and closing heavy garage doors. However, as useful as they are, some garage door openers are noisy. Much of the noise comes from their lack of sound dampening, as well as the use of inadequate hanging supports. By installing dampening pads and replacing thin supports with substantial pieces of angle iron, you will be pleased at how much needless noise can be removed. Read More 

Diagnosing A Leaky Toilet

Toilets take a lot of crap, literally. Unfortunately, very few people give these porcelain thrones a second thought until they start leaking all over the place. If puddles of water are constantly forming around your toilet or it sounds as though the tank it filling on a continuous basis, then you may be dealing with a leaky toilet. Here are a few things that could be causing the problem and how to diagnose them. Read More 

Ways To Enhance The Security Of Your Residental Fence

Erecting a fence around your house can enhance the safety of your property and define the land boundaries between you and your neighbors. In addition, adding security features to a brand new or existing fence can help keep intruders and stray animals out of your yard. If you need ideas on how to upgrade your fence, the following guide can provide you with a some options. Increase The Height If your fence is low enough for someone or a dog to jump over, you should consider increasing the height of the structure. Read More 

Is Your Driveway Driving You Crazy? Tips To Clean And Condition Your Asphalt Driveway

As a homeowner, you are most likely searching for ways to improve the value and function of your house. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on your home's curb appeal. Considering curb appeal is a smart way to increase your home's value, placing effort on cleaning and conditioning your driveway is smart. Blacktop, or asphalt driveways from sites like http://bitroads.com, offer incredible benefits including appeal and durability, but they do require maintenance with time. Read More 

Making Your Childhood Home Your Adult Abode

You grew up in that home and now your parents are asking you if you want to buy it from them. If you are seriously considering purchasing your old childhood home, you are not alone. According to the New York Times, this type of arrangement will probably become more common in the future. Elderly parents that may be downsizing or moving into senior living facilities may feel more comfortable passing their house down to a willing child. Read More