3 Reasons You Need To Clear Out Clutter From A Hoarder’s House

Hoarding happens as a result of mental issues, but can lead to health problems and risks. It is important to provide a hoarder with psychological counseling along with help cleaning out their home while they are trying to recover. Here are three reasons home cleanup-up is important to a hoarder's health.  Avalanche Risk If you have ever seen inside a hoarder's home, you know the trash and personal items can reach up to the home's ceiling. Read More 

To Call Or Not To Call: 4 Consequences Of DIY Water Damage Repairs

If you experience a broken pipe or overflowing toilet, you might believe cleaning up an inch of water in your home is a situation you can handle. Unfortunately, tackling water damage repairs yourself can lead to more problems. This article will discuss some of the problems water damage can cause.  Time Is Not On Your Side Realistically, a mop, paper towels or rags are no match for a significant amount of water. Read More 

Be Sure Your Outlets Are Wired Correctly: How To Test For Crossed Ground And Neutral Wiring

If you are planning to purchase a new electronic device, such as a television, computer or other sophisticated equipment, then it's important to make sure its electrical outlet is properly wired. Incorrectly wired outlets can ruin your sensitive electronics, but you can test them quickly and easily if you follow the directions below. Here is what you need to know: What you will need Digital multimeter Small appliance with three-pronged plug Read More 

4 Factors That Will Help Your Fence Increase Your Property Value

When installing or updating a fence on your property, you have many choices. Besides your initial choice of which material you should use, you have to decide color, placement, and how you will integrate the fence into your property. If you choose the wrong fence, you can lower your property value. To increase your property value and make sure you can recoup the cost of the materials and installation when you sell your home, you should make sure you that the following things are true: Read More