The Basics Of Patching An Asphalt Driveway

If your asphalt driveway is showing indications of cracks, chips, holes or other damage due to traffic and weathering, it's important to address it. If you don't address it in a timely manner, you risk having the cracks and damage spread and threaten the integrity of the entire driveway. The sooner you repair these things, the less damage it will do. Here are some tips to help you repair the pavement easily. Read More 

How To Troubleshoot An Oil Boiler Low Flow Cutoff Issue

If you have an oil boiler that suddenly stops working and you see a light on the low flow sensor attached to the top of the boiler, then water is not moving through the system like it should. When this issue is detected by the sensor, the boiler is shut down automatically. This is necessary to make sure that the boiler does not overheat when water stops moving through the system. Read More 

Don’t Let This Winter Catch You Unprepared: Tips For Preventing Frozen Pipes

If you've just bought a house in an area where the winter months mean freezing temperatures, it also means you need to be more attentive to your home's plumbing. Although most of your pipes are likely to be indoors, your home probably has some that run through uninsulated areas. Those are the pipes that are most at risk. Here are a few tips to help you understand what you'll need to do to protect them, as well as guidance for dealing with a freeze if it should happen. Read More 

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Vinyl Siding

Exterior siding is available in a wide array of materials including aluminum, wood, brick and fiber cement, although vinyl has become a popular choice among modern day homeowners. There are a few good reasons to choose vinyl, including low maintenance, reasonable cost and versatility. However, vinyl siding does not come without a few downsides to consider as well. If you're still on the fence about vinyl siding for your home's exterior, learn more about the advantages and disadvantages to make a well-informed decision. Read More 

3 Energy-Efficient Treatments for Your French Doors

The addition of French doors create an open, airy feel that is perfect for entertaining numerous guests. While a worthwhile investment, the excessive amount of glass on these doors may limit privacy and increase heat loss. Using this guide, you can dress your new French doors with energy-efficient, appealing treatments. Shutters While surprising to hear, shutters are not only options for your home's exterior. Plantation shutters are becoming popular options for a custom, permanent dressing for the glass of your French doors. Read More