Looking At Property In A Flood Plain? Important Questions You Should Be Asking

Buying property in a flood plain is risky business. In the next twenty years, whatever house or building you place on that property—or whatever house or building already exists on that property—may never be flooded, or it could be flooded dozens of times. However, you can protect your investment with flood insurance. Additionally, you will need flood elevation certificates for any flood plain property you buy. Here are some important questions you should be asking before you ever make an offer on this type of property. Read More 

5 Ways To Incorporate Color In Your Kitchen

A kitchen should feel warm and vibrant and be a space that you are proud to show off. However, if your kitchen lacks color, it's probably not any of these things. If you have plans to remodel your kitchen, learn how you can add more color to the space. 1. Backsplash The backsplash is an excellent place to get creative and add a pop of color. A tile backsplash in a solid color like orange or yellow or a multi-colored tile design are both excellent options. Read More 

The House Is Hot Upstairs But Cold Downstairs: Is Something Wrong With The Heater?

When you turn on your heating device, such as a heater, HVAC or furnace, you expect it to heat your home evenly. However, when you come home from work or when you head to bed for the night, you may notice that your home is hot upstairs, but cold downstairs. It is important to note that heat does rise, so upstairs may be a little warmer, but your downstairs should not be cold. Read More 

How Indoor Air Quality Is Improved In A Healthy Home

Homeowners are more concerned than ever with the effect their living environment has on their health. Healthy home builders are focusing more on using sustainable materials and creating residences that offer healthy living spaces. Indoor air quality is at the top of the list, when it comes to improving the health of a home. Homeowners will spend a significant amount of their time indoors, which means that the air inside the living space must be as clean as possible. Read More 

Three Reasons Why Tile Roofing Is Ideal In Arizona

Residential roofing in Arizona seems to have one commonality; tile. You may see lots of other residential roofs with shingle and shaker tile, but there appears to be a lot of tile roofs here. It is actually neither accidental nor coincidental. Tile roof is excellent for the climate in this state, and here are three reasons why this roofing material is ideal in Arizona.  It Looks Befitting of the History of the Region Read More